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Welcome to the Vitages Company

We are pleased that you are visiting our website and learn about the METATRON®- systems!

The company Vitages, offers with over 18 years of experience and expertise, the non-linear systems (NLS) METATRON® for your personal use in your practice on.

The various Metatron® systems are based on quantum technology and are designed and manufactured in Russia. We sell these systems worldwide and are the official distributor of the developer in Omsk / Russia, the Institute of Practical Psychophysics (IPP).

From Vitages you get:

  • High-End NLS systems - with the Metatron® HOSPITAL as the most innovative product, with the 3-dimensional representation
  • constant development of hardware and software and the latest updates
  • Certification of Metatron®- systems according to the class IIa of the MPG
  • personal and individual customer support
  • Experiences with users and scientists
  • Training programs based on years of experience
  •  worldwide service

The innovative 3-D representation in the new systems "HOSPITAL" and "INTRUDER" we illustrate the continuous development of METATRON®- systems.

Please contact us with any questions, we look forward to meeting you!

Note: The current legislation does not permit, provide further information on our systems available to everyone. Therefore, we ask you to register in the login area and then, with your login and a private password, log on as an expert to further obtain details to the Metatron systems.

The NLS method has already shown impressive results in many health tests. However, we point out that the method of alternative or complementary medicine belongs. The presented systems and their effects are not shown in the conventional medicine scientifically accepted.

Vitages is a one-stop shop

  • High-end systems - also with 3D display
  • Constant further development of the hardware and software as well as current updates from the developer in Russia
  • Personal and individual customer care
  • Exchange of experiences with users and scientists
  • Training programs based on many years of experience
  • Worldwide service


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